Monday, August 19, 2013

It Couldn't Be!

Hi, Hello, Howdy, Good Day,

Well, I can't believe it's been over two months since I wrote anything. This is an amazing fact that I didn't have anything to say. Just ask my family, they will tell you I have an opinion about most things.

I've had a lot of computer problems and finally bought a new one, then they replaced the old one. Two years old! Old???? I told a store clerk it seems about every two years I'm buying a new computer. He told me I wasn't the only one. Soooo, that tells me, computers are becoming throw a ways too.

Anyway, I wanted to share some updated pictures of the schools and their progress on construction this summer.

So here we go.................................

The front of Will Rogers, facing Smith Street

Looks like a new roof and new entry ways
are being added

Same building, just a closer view

Now onto the middle school, which was the high school in the 1960's and 70's

Ewing Halsell Middle School

New roof and new entrances on the west side on Miller Street

Still the Middle School, but it got a new roof and
new entryways on Miller Street.

Still the Middle School.
This is the entrance at the north end of the building that
faces Miller Street.

You're now looking at the new building at Hall Halsell
The original old building was torn down and this
one was built to take it's place. This one is connected
to the building that existed.
This view is the front that faces Clyde Street

This is where the portico used to extend from the east side
entrance(on the right). The doors directly in front here are
the cafeteria doors. Or rather, they used to be. I'm pretty certain
they still go to the cafeteria. This is the horseshoe drive that has
been used for years.

This is a closeup view of the main front entrance on Clyde Street

This is still under construction. The west side of Hall Halsell on Miller Street

This is Vinita City Hall
The view is the west side of the building that faces Wilson Street.
It's getting a new paint job. This is the main color.
They are using about 4 different colors.

This is the front of City Hall that faces Illinois Street.
The paint job is just beginning, so we'll have to wait and
see the finished product.

I'm excited about the new paint on City Hall. It's been all one color for so many years, it will
be exciting to see it finished. I'll post a picture when it's finished.

So, you're up to date on the improvements in town, so ...................

Until Later,
Okie Girl @ Home

Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Doggies Lost Their Jewels

Hey Everyone!

The last month has been very long and arduous. We shall survive because God is good and He is the answer to all things.

I noticed the weather forecast for our region this week is mid-90's all week. Ugh!! I could love 70 to 75 degrees all year long. I guess I'll take what I get since I'm not moving to an ideal climate.

Now, for other matters, I lost all my data and photos when my processor went Ka-Thud! They wanted 90 bucks to retrieve all of it and I was of the mind that it wasn't that important, soooo I'm beginning at scratch again. Seems like every 2 years I have a computer that goes down. Is it something I'm doing? I don't think so. I do maintenance and keep it clean, so who knows??????

Poor thing. They'll fix it or replace it.
Who knows?

Have I learned another lesson? Yes! Periodically take a flash drive and transfer documents and pictures over to a safe external home. Will I be faithful to do it? Let's wait and see.

This is a testicle from a bull
It is called:
Mountain Oyster
or Calf Fry
Prepared correctly they are delicious
I don't suggest frying one whole.

I used to freeze mine, well, the ones I prepared that is, and I sliced them frozen into narrow wedges, then cooked them. Preferred method is coating them with a flour batter, season with salt and pepper, or whatever seasoning you prefer, then skillet fry or deep fry.

Wah ! Lah !


These are quite large. I've seen larger and I've seen smaller.

I prefer the smaller ones, from calves. They don't
taste as strong and they're more tender, although
none are really tough.

Finished product. You can use dipping sauces or just
make some good ole cream gravy.

Mmmmm,   Mmmmmm!

Why the lesson on Calf Fries you ask? This past weekend was the "World's Largest Calf Fry" at the fairgrounds in Vinita, OK.  We went out and looked around and visited and listened to a good band.
Reverse Reaction was the name of the band and they were pretty good.

So until next time, I wish you all joy and safe keeping.

Until Later,
Okie Girl @ Home